To support the Animation-Entertainment offers professionally, anytime, anywhere in the world

GA-EA wants to support experienced animators-entertainers to deepen their knowledge in order to offer the best possible service.

GA-EA would like to inspire the team leaders / hotel management and support them in implementing animation entertainment in the best possible way

From the emergence of the concept of animation in the 1950s to the present day, the animation entertainment service has been a success story and an important part of the tourism and hospitality industry. It's about breathing an extra dose of life into your holiday - It is an important, central aspect of the modern service that hotels, resorts, clubs, and tour operators offer to the holiday maker.

GA-EA's online training courses are based on over 35 years experience in animation entertainment in the tourism industry. From recruitment, training, operation to development of events & projects related to animation entertainment.

Please note, the culture training "Greece, Culture & People" as the name suggests, is based on Greece and is a representative concept for all countries, cultures, and people in the world.

GA-EA offers online training for Animation-Entertainment departments such as:

  • Kids & Teens

  • Sport & Fun

  • Fitness & Wellness

  • Creative-Art

  • Greece, Culture & People

GA-EA Supports:

  • Team Leader / Entertainment Manager

  • Hotel Manager

  • Hoteliers

Who is behind GA-EA...

Marika Haeuser


Hello, I'm Marika and I'm very excited to share with you my experiences in Animation-Entertainment over the last 4 decades, virtually via the GA-EA online modules.

I have been involved in the entire service chain of Animation-Entertainment in tourism, from recruitment, training, product development, introduction and implementation to events and projects.

My vision is to inspire, guide and raise awareness that what we do in Animation-Entertainment is a profession in itself and training as such needs to be done.

I hope to achieve that through GA-EA, where we will socialize, connect, educate, experience, and enjoy!

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