Gaia or Ge (ancient Greek Γαῖα Gaía or Γῆ Gḗ, Dorian Γᾶ Gá), German also Gäa = Gaea is the personified earth and one of the first deities in Greek mythology. Her importance in Greek mythology as well as in cult lies primarily in the Greek image of the earth. From this notion derives her primary meaning as the mother goddess who creates and nourishes all living things.

What a wonderful coincidence.

GA-EA are the initials of

Global Animation-Entertainment Academy

What kind of animated entertainment does the Global Animation-Entertainment Academy train?

Animation entertainment services can be offered in department stores - as childcare, at events, on campsites, children's holiday villages, hotels, resorts & clubs, cruise ships etc.

GA-EA Online Training primarily conducts and supports animation entertainment for hotels, resorts, and clubs.

The GA-EA online training aims to provide anyone interested in entering the tourism Animation-Entertainment service sector with a tool to better understanding:

  • What to expect,

  • What Animation-Entertainment Service Means and

  • How to Successfully Offer this Service

At the end of each course, upon successfully passing a test, you will receive a GA-EA Department Certificate.

Courses we offer

Art & Creativity

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Children & Teens

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Country, Culture & People

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Fitness & Wellness

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Sports & Fun

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Management Training

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Customized Solutions

Get a personalized and individual approach to plan or optimize operational structures and distribution of your animation entertainment offers in your hotel or company by the founder of GA-EA.

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